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About is a travel and food blog that provides others with an alternative view of places my family and I explore.  


I am Jen, and growing up I was blessed to have my father's career take me around many interesting countries.  Since then, I have always enjoyed traveling to new places and trying out new restaurants.  I decided to begin blogging these experiences to share with my family, friends and community.  It is a great resource to maintain communications with our busy schedules. Outside of blogging, I am an advocate for innovative technologies that advance and promote global and national public health. I lead cultural and technological changes across multiple divisions to achieve the desired results needed to support the mission of my organization through extreme communication, collaboration, and connections.  I value people and the world we live in.


Photos and videos are taken with my personal iPhone 5S and GoPro Hero3+.


Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed on Je Travel are my own and do not reflect the views of my current employment, past employment, family, friends, or anyone else.  This is a personal blog and does not endorse or promote any business or products.

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